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    Hey there!

    I'm Jenna. Founder, designer and one woman show here at Coco + Kiwi.

    I try really hard to design baby gear with a bit of personality. Several years ago, I tried to find modern products for my littles. I always felt like I was settling with what I found on the shelves. While living over seas in New Zealand, I began hustling and sketching my dream bag that was perfect for baby but just as great for when my littles would be older. I wanted something stylish and modern with all the organization of a diaper bag. After a few months the Provence Bag was born. I began teaching myself how to start business, learned about manufacturing and tried my hand at photography and web design.

    Once we moved back to the states in 2016 I was ready to launch this business of mine. It's been a crazy ride filled with lots of learning, patience, failure, success, friendship and creativity. Most of all I'm glad I just went for it.

    You'll see one of my favorite quotes on our website and Instagram..."She thought she could, so she did". It may not be perfect, but it's mine and I hope that inspires someone else to take the leap! Catch up with me on instagram @cocoandkiwi. I would love to get to know each and every one of you!