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August 22, 2017 2 min read

Back to school around our house is the best! Freshly sharpened pencils, less TV watching and a solid routine... just some of my very favorite things! With that being said, sometimes getting my boys to focus in school, stay healthy while interacting with germy environments, all while, having fun and being kids is totally overwhelming. 
I try and do all the basics for them, you know, get enough sleep, drink water, eat good food and wash your hands. I am not perfect and sometimes some of those important steps fall through the cracks. You know how it goes! So that's where essential oils come in. They help me fill the gaps. When it's chaotic in our home, I can help my oldest focus on his homework. Or when sickness is spreading around the school and it feels like my kids are just sitting ducks, I can fortify them for what is to come.
Here are my go-to oils for Back-to-school!
  • Peppermint + Wild Orange for Homework Time (diffused).
  • On Guard, Frankincense, Lemon & Fractionated Coconut Oil + Rollerball applied every day to boost immunity.
  • On Guard+ for everyone in the house, all the time, always! 
  • DigestZen for an upset or nervous tummy.
  • Serenity + Cedarwood + Vetiver for a sleepytime blend. Also helps relax those with ADD.
  • Breathe + Lavender for coughing and sniffling

We've loved getting you some school survival tips and would love to answer any questions for you. Also, for a special gift, email me! and mention Coco & Kiwi!

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Outside of sharing the love of natural health through essential oils you can find me on my website and I also share my recipes, family and circus show on Instagram @jennaskitchen! I have three kids ages 8, 5 and 2 and we live in Southern California where we love to play at the beach, obsess over Disneyland and eat together. Want to learn more? Go ahead and follow me here.

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