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August 20, 2017 2 min read

I was always the parent that said I would NEVER bribe my kids. Obviously, that was before I had children. Now we call bribes goals with rewards :) Do they work? Yes...yes they do. The trick is making them fit your lifestyle and parenting goals. Rewards don't have to be sweets or toys. They can be trips to the library, stickers, a trip to the park or paining toenails. Rewards can fit any lifestyle and motivate any child. 
We like to keep track of our kiddos potty training progress and we're always on the hunt for a good behavior chart! There are lots of charts out there but we love that ours is progressive. You're little one learns more with each line of the chart. Each time your little one has to work just a bit harder to keep those training pants dry and get a prize. We usually try to make the prizes more substantial (or maybe even 2 prizes) as they get harder to earn. Here are a few ideas.
                    -Stickers or stamps
                    -A movie rental
                    -Popcorn party
                    -Bake brownies or a favorite treat
                    -Take a trip to the dollar store
                    -Play at a favorite park
                    -Face Paints
                    -Make a new color of playdough
                    -Set up a tent and have an indoor campout
                    -Take a trip to the library
The options are endless.You can put ideas on slips of paper in a jar and keep them for prize day. Enjoy!
Click on picture to print or click HERE to download.

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