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September 07, 2018 2 min read

Ring Sling c/o Chekoh | Backpack Diaper Bag c/o Coco + Kiwi


Featured post from Kacie of Ellements of Ellis. Read the original post HERE.


A mom carries her baby for 40 weeks. She deals with the aches and pain of pregnancy, the emotional roller coaster of changing hormones, and the stress of being responsible for another human. She deserves to be treated to something just for her. The baby will get a lot of gifts at the baby shower and when he/she is born. Mom will sacrifice buying something for herself so she can buy diapers or wipes or an adorable outfit for her little one. So why not gift the mom something just for her? Below are my top 5 favorite gifts that make me as a mom feel special and loved.

Pretty Nursing Bra: Nobody likes the ugly nursing bras with the big straps, so treat mom to a lace nursing bra that will make her feel sexy, even if she is wearing hospital underwear and pads. Ha! This lace nursing bra is my favorite. It’s pretty and comfortable!

Stylish Diaper Bag: Mom is going to be carrying a diaper bag with her everywhere she goes, and she will love having one that is stylish. Coco + Kiwi makes gorgeous diaper bags. I have the Mini Austin Satchel Backpack version. It has the option to be a backpack and the straps can be tightened to be small enough for a toddler as well. Hazel is all about my backpack diaper bag so it’s fun that she can wear it too. It also comes in a larger size, and Coco + Kiwi carries tote carryall bags and a cross body bag with an on-the-go diaper changing kit inside. So there are a lot of styles to choose from for your mom-to-be. Whichever you choose, trust me, she will love it!

Baby Wearing Wrap: Yes, this is also kind of for baby, but Mom will love it too! It’s something that will not only make moms life easier (hello, hands free!), but it also serves as moms wardrobe. When you wear your baby, it covers up your top, so it’s fun to have a couple pretty wraps as a part of your wardrobe. I prefer the Solly Baby wrap for when they’re newborns, and the Wild Bird or Chekoh ring sling for when they get big enough to support their own head.

Journal: I was never one to journal before becoming a mom, but now, I write in my journal every night. I keep it simple and just write a couple sentences about my favorite memory from the day. I know that when they’re older, I’ll read my journal and it will bring me so much joy. I’m going to cherish my journal forever.

Loungewear: Give mom something that is comfortable and cute to wear while she’s lounging around the house, recovery from delivery, and taking care of a newborn.

XO, Kacie

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