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    7 Things I Said I'd Never Do As A Parent

    7 Things I Said I'd Never Do As A Parent

    Posted by Taylor from All About the Wilsons 
    I used to be a parenting expert. I knew all of the right things to say, all of the right things to do, and always looked nice doing it.. until I actually had kids. There were so many times when I was pregnant with Logan, that I said "I would never do that!". I thought I was going to be this perfect parent... HA! There is no such thing I have learned.
    1. Raise my voice at my kids in public. I always envisioned myself walking around Target with a venti latte, two perfectly dressed children sitting in the cart behaving, and shopping in peace. HA!! What a vision that is. There might be a latte but it is probably spilled on the floor next to us, and yes there might be two children in the cart, but one is yelling while the other is trying to climb out. And then there is me... day old hair with a hat, and sweating because I am out of my league. But hey.. at least we got out of the house right?
    2. Let them have a drink of pop. Guys, my husband is a huge pop drinker so it is inevitable right? I try my best, but my husband seems to think it's ok to sneak some here and there. I always tell him that he will be the one taking both girls to their first dentist appointment.
    3. Pacifiers. I mean who doesn't love seeing a kid in a store walking around with a pacifier hanging out of his mouth?This is a touchy subject in our house because I know we really need to work on Logan giving hers up. But she is SO attached and a lot of days I just don't have the energy to fight it. Pick and choose your battles and this is one that I am not choosing to pick at the moment.
    4. Give my kids fast food. I always said I would never feed my kids anything that came out of a drive thru window.. who was I kidding? Whoever invented the drive-thru window is a genius, and the creator of Chick fil a is just as genius if not more.
    5. Drive a minivan.. I always wanted to be the cool mom driving a nice SUV. Until I realized how impossible it was to fit a double stroller in anything but a van. It's also pretty great when you are having a girls night out, it doubles as a party van ;)!
    6. Bribing. I always thought bribing was the lowest of lows for parenting... until I wanted something done that was impossible unless a sucker was at stake. "Logan, If you are good at the store, I will give you a sucker (sometimes even two haha!)"
    7. Co-sleep. I always said that I would never let me kids sleep in our bed... that ended literally day one with Logan coming home from the hospital. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get sleep... right?
    But all of us moms can agree that we are doing our best. So next time you see a mom struggling in public, offer to help and let her know she is not alone!!

    On a side note.. this double stroller is perfect for quick errands. It is s u p e r lightweight, folds up easily, and is small enough to fit in any vehicle. It is also very sturdy and comes in super cute patterns!
    I'd love to hear some of your struggles in the comments below!! What would us moms do without other mom support?!

    Thank you Delta Children for sponsoring this post.
    All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

    I'm Taylor. Welcome to our beautiful mess as a family of four. I have two beautiful little girls and am wife to an amazing man. This is my place to share our life, motherhood, love for small shops, target trips, need + love for coffee, bow obsession, favorite snacks, family fun, and essential oils. My goal in this journey is to let other moms know they aren't alone, and to encourage kindness. Our life is a little c r a z y, but we couldn't love this journey more if we tried.

    See the original post here.

    Spring Style Picks for the Whole Family

    Spring Style Picks for the Whole Family

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    Tackle Potty Training Like a Pro - Checklist!

    Tackle Potty Training Like a Pro - Checklist!

     It's Potty Training Time!! 

    Here is our Potty Training checklist to get you all ready to go!

    1. Make sure your little one is ready.

    • This means that they need to have a few things such as a dry diaper in the morning and can tell you when they need a diaper change

    2. Build Excitement...

    • Have a Potty Party!! Get your child's favorite stuffed animal and practice having the animal sit on the potty and getting a ton of praise. Make a super big deal of it! Trust me...your kiddo will want that too!

    3. 1st Day…

    • No disposables – Keeps them too dry (only at night)
    • Good Training Pants
    • Pump your kiddo full of liquids. This way you’ll get lots of practice
    • Plan on being home for the first 2-3 days
    • Lots of immediate rewards (mini m&m’s)
    • Target Practice for boys by putting cheerio's in the potty (be careful because this MAY cause more mess than its worth!)
    • If your child is afraid of the large toilet then face the back of potty. They feel much more secure that way!
    • Set a timer for every 10 min at first…then 15…then 20 min. Kids respond better to a timer than they do mom. Especially if they get mad about having to sit on the potty!

    4. Charts

    • Not great for young learners
    • Need immediate rewards established before moving to long term.

    5.  Prep their bed

    • Use diapers or disposables at night until you have mastered the daytime. 
    • Waterproof sheet for mattress. We double up the sheets so we layer waterproof cover, sheet, then another waterproof cover, then another sheet. That way you can take off a sheet and cover in the night and still be all set to tuck your monkey right back in bed. 

    6. Patience & Persistance

    • Don’t go back and forth. Make sure your child is really ready then go for it. 

    7. Keep Calm

    • If you are prepared then you will have a lot more patience! Remember that for the most part kids want to please and if we get overly frustrated with them thats when they will push back!!

    You got this Mama's...Now go and get it done!! 


    How we solved our Lego Problem

    How we solved our Lego Problem

    Ok, any mom of boys can feel the pain of lego. Don't get me wrong, we love lego, sometimes I just don't like them very much! My boys have a massive collection and while we've tried several organizing solutions we've never found anything that worked for my boys. Until now.
    Legos are amazing, timeless and ignite the creativity and imagination that is so important in play. They also happen to multiply exponentially and little baby legos appear out of nowhere, pointy side up for you to step on, vacuum up or fish out of the babies mouth.
    Cleaning up all those pieces has been our biggest issue. The tears start rolling when its time because they "just KNOW" all their creations will be smashed in the lego bucket, never to be found again. That means we had lego creations EVERYWHERE. Serious people, they were taking over my life. 
    Here are the things we needed in our Lego setup...
    1. Large area to play and build that's off the floor 
    2. Someplace to display all of the creations
    3. A place to store all the lego pieces
    Our Solution? We found the PAHL desk shelf at Ikea and it was perfect! I bought 2, one for each boy. I could even add a third to the desk if we need it in the future. I love not having to put up shelves and that the boys can easily reach all their pieces while its still just out of reach for the baby! We used this long desktop and legs from Ikea as well!
    Ikea to the rescue once again! 
    PAHL Shelf in store only


    Potty Training Rewards...Do they work??

    Potty Training Rewards...Do they work??

    I was always the parent that said I would NEVER bribe my kids. Obviously, that was before I had children. Now we call bribes goals with rewards :) Do they work? Yes...yes they do. The trick is making them fit your lifestyle and parenting goals. Rewards don't have to be sweets or toys. They can be trips to the library, stickers, a trip to the park or paining toenails. Rewards can fit any lifestyle and motivate any child. 
    We like to keep track of our kiddos potty training progress and we're always on the hunt for a good behavior chart! There are lots of charts out there but we love that ours is progressive. You're little one learns more with each line of the chart. Each time your little one has to work just a bit harder to keep those training pants dry and get a prize. We usually try to make the prizes more substantial (or maybe even 2 prizes) as they get harder to earn. Here are a few ideas.
                        -Stickers or stamps
                        -A trip to redbox
                        -Popcorn party
                        -Bake brownies or a favorite treat
                        -Take a trip to the dollar store
                        -Play at a favorite park
                        -Paint nails or do makeup
                        -Face Paints
                        -Make a new color of playdough
                        -Set up a tent and have an indoor campout
                        -Take a trip to the library
    The options are endless.You can put ideas on slips of paper in a jar and keep them for prize day. Enjoy!
    Click on picture to print or click HERE to download.